Introducing the Sleep Collection

Welcome to a better night's rest.

"Man is a genius when he is dreaming." - Kurosawa
Introducing the Teabuu Sleep collection - specifically designed to send you off to Snoozeville.  Our ingredients have been scientifically proven to help you sleep and have been sourced from only the finest suppliers around the world.  Artfully balanced flavour profiles and soothing scents are sure to please your palate before bed.  Each cup made bespoke to your preference with all natural, unbleached tea bags.

Scientifically proven ingredients


 One of our most potent active ingredients is passionflower.  A 2011 study at Monash University concluded that passionflower improved sleep quality significantly over placebo and another study cited by the University of Maryland showed that passionflower was as effective as the prescription drug oxazepam for reducing anxiety.
Our passionflower is sourced from Europe's largest pine forest in southwestern France.

Sourced from the best on earth

Valerian Root

In 2005, Sleep Medical Journal published a study showing that sleep improvements caused by consumption of Valerian Root significantly improved overall quality of life for participants after 28 days.
Our Valerian Root is sourced from Germany.


Lavender is one of nature's great scents.  Floral and sweet, with herbal notes and balsamic undertones, it is one of the world's most calming and loved scents.
Undoubtedly, the region most famous for lavender production is in Provence, which is exactly where ours comes from.

Honeybush and Redbush

Honeybush and Redbush are found only in South Africa's Eastern and Western Cape regions respectively and provide the flavour base for our sleep collection.  Honeybush has a fuller bodied taste than its Rooibos cousin and an ever so slightly sweeter flavour profile.  Honeybush's caffeine-free presence will welcome you with open arms to a good night's rest.

Bespoke for you

Unbleached, all natural tea bags

Want a stronger flavour?  Or maybe you'd prefer a lighter touch?  Either way, the choice is yours as our all natural, unbleached tea bags will allow you to make each brew bespoke to your tastes.  Once established as part of your evening routine, your body will prime itself for sleep every time you reach for our teas.